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In 1979, Producer and Director of Photography, Aldo Panattoni, envisioned the need for a new kind of media and event production company: one that’s fast, agile and creative so that it can respond quickly to virtually any client need, yet also solid and experienced so that it can deliver the highest quality work. This model allows us to work globally, and support any production or event need no matter where it is located. It is a successful business model, and we enjoy a large number of Fortune 500 clients, most of which are repeat customers.

Over 30 years later, Total Media Group has expanded their services to include digital and mobile offerings. Megan McKenna took on the role of President, and has retained the same philosophy the company was founded on.

Today our services include creative development and messaging, project management and producing, full service video and event production, 3D animation, motion graphics, post production, media for walk-in and events, production of marketing, sales and training videos, branding and print collateral, media and A/V packages for major conferences, and the production of corporate meetings. We also provide web design and user interface design, as well as mobile apps for a variety of platforms.

In addition to our corporate clientele, Total Media Group also provides production and post production services to independent producers and filmmakers for a variety of entertainment, music, commercial, and documentary programming. You can see our documentary “Life is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story” on PBS or view a preview here. http://rosalindrussell.com

Total Media Group is located in South San Francisco, California, but we work globally. We have crews and resources all over the world, allowing us to keep travel costs down.

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Total Media Group
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